Directed/Edited – Ben Stoddard & David Ehrenreich
Director of Photography - David Ehrenreich
Music – Brennan Lloyd
Sound Design - Nate Evans

Man Behind Mountain1

Salvation Mountain is known around the world as a burst of color in the desert outside Niland, California, on the Mexican border. A one-man monument built over three decades piece by piece; it is a gradual accruement of hope, love and joy in physical form.

Less is known about the man who built it, Leonard Knight, mostly because that’s the way he liked it. An unassuming man, he preferred to let his mountain speak for itself. It did just that, in bright, bold colors and optimistic messages.

After visiting the mountain multiple times, filmmakers Ben Stoddard and Dave Ehrenreich spent an intimate extended stay with Leonard at Salvation Mountain. Rather than add to the already vast lexicon on the mountain as an object, they chose to focus their attention on the man who built it. Through interviews with Leonard and his inner circle of friends that cared for him in his fading years, they hoped to learn about and showcase the enigmatic artist himself.

To learn more about the preservation of Salvation Mountain please visit –

Words by Grady Mitchell

Man Behind Mountain2


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