SKATE HEADS: a skate art short by The Zanga Bros

Arguably awesome. Distinctly Vancouver.  Check out a piece of moving art by a troupe of filmmaking artists who call themselves The Zenga Bros. Four brothers who film, edit, direct and build all aspects of their own unique and creative moving pictures. Continue reading

Braedon Wheeler | Stairsmasters part


We first met this kid when he was knee high to a grasshopper, skating the bowl in the Whistler underground park (rip) with his mother – yeah she rad like that. Calm and cool and on the come up, with some ratchet ass tunes to boot, this is yung Dons entry for the Stairmasters comp. A health leak from the upcoming Footyfiend movie - be on the look out for this full length some time next year.  Props to Jordan for keeping the kids on film. Share if you dare.


Keys To The City | The Final Promo

Gnarcore has been casing the snow across the country this winter and are currently in London Ontario filming, working and boarding. Today we hooked up and hit some snow spots with some of these fools in this Keys To The City skate video, set to drop on Southern Ontario and the world this May. Even though a couple of them had not been snowboarding for that long they all killed it. Love it when skaters shred. Check out this promo filled with throwaways, bails and bros and be on the look out for the full length from local filmmaker and mastermind Jake Vanderweyden.

Ft. Jake Besterd, Brad Burden, Cole Hall, Chris Gagnier, John Rutherford, and friends 

D.I.F.O – Hamilton Skaters Give Back to Cuba

Skateboarders Are Dinosaurs

D.I.F.O (Do It For Others) is a not for profit skater operated community in Hamilton that focuses on raising funds for Cuba’s deteriorating skate park. Along with raising funds the crew collects skate decks, building materials, and clothing to give to the kids that are passionate about skateboarding but cannot afford or don’t have access to the gear. We had a short chat with Scott McDonald, founder of D.I.F.O to see what they have in store for the future and how skate culture has influenced the struggling country of Cuba.

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Episode 2 in the Canadian web series showcasing the riding from Dwayne Wiebe, Justin Brisson, Eric Corbin, Wyatt Barclay, Zack Chamberlin, Gui Fortin, Kael Hill, Johan Rosen. Support provided by RUDE BOYS, SALOMON, DC, OAKANAGAN SPRING, NICHE. From Evan Lavalle  – enjoy


The boys are back at it again. Winter in the Whistler backcountry. But the snow is shit they say.  Non-existent even. Oh they got a couple good days in. Damn fuckers with their snowmobiles. Making it work. Making it look good. Making it look easy. Just making it. Thanks guys. The dream is alive and well – you might never want to wake up fro this one. Keep ‘em coming! Continue reading

DUH MIX TAPE [full video] Presented by DOPE Industries

New video offerings from the boys at DOPE Industries. After creating an iconic trilogy with the DOPE series director Dave Brocklebank and crew did something a little different last season, launching their accessories sub-brand DUH BOLTS, which may or may not actually have hard goods.  Ones thing is for sure though, they got their team down! And the video promo to boot. Legends in the game – a lot of respect goes out to these kids. Filmed around Canada, from London Ontario to Whistler BC.  Featuring snowboarding by Scot Brown, Eman Anderson, Cody Wilson, Alex Stathis, Derek Molinski, Jody Wachniak, Ryan Tarbell, Lucas Magoon, Will Bateman, Tanner Davidson, Matt Butel, Keenan Filmer, Logan Haubrich, Andrew Geeves, Ben Bilocq, Andrew Burns, Joel Loverin, Rusty Ockenden and Layne Treeter. And skateboarding by Tyler O’Grady and Mitch Pryma

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ET Crew at Le Relais Vans Hi Standard

Gnarcore Quebec in full effect. Another gopro - imovie catastrophe from the brain and stick of the one and only K-Rock Ohquist. Kicking it with them freestyle kids from the ET Crew.  Tearing wonders in the White Room. Falling and balling. Rolling and trolling. Picking up the loot to boot. You know how we do. Dave Jacques, Ken Ohquist, Math Pepin, Francis Jobin have some fun, do some damage and Cream takes care of the rest.


#SaskatoonSnowboarding – DIY at Kinsmen

Hop skip and a fuck yeah – Aiden Hryciw, Jordon McCulloch and Dave Rouleau get trashy at Kinsmen DIY spot in Saskatoon.

There’s been a horrible misconception floating around the Canadian prairies for way too long now. And it’s that “snowboarding sucks out here”. The truth is snowboarding only sucks wherever you suck. And that can happen anywhere you want it to. In reality you don’t need much to make it fun; a little bit of snow, some sketchy features and some punk rock will do fine pretty much anywhere you can gather sub zero temps and a rickety public park. Saskatoon’s got a lot to offer in this department, it can also get cold as fuck, hard and icy and that can often deter the laziest of the undriven. But Canadian skaters know best – when it snows we strap in and slide. You get it? Good.  We got it.  Now get the fuck outta here  and MAKE IT HAPPEN you filthy animals.   Continue reading