#TransfusionTour Pt.1 – Newfoundland

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After a crazy busy day we finally arrived in St. John’s on Friday at 1:30am. Exhausted, sick and carless until the Budget kiosk opened at 7:30am we decided to set up shop in a small area between an airport bench and the wall. After a few hours of uncomfortable back aching twists and turns we picked up the car and set out on our first mission – to find Cape Spear, Canada’s most eastern point.

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I Like She Like


Sarah Rebecca Krebs grew up in Mississippi, singing gospel and dreaming. She ran away from home at 18 (hey, I did that!), aiming to be a folk goddess in San Francisco, taking the road from the South to New York, finally ending up in California. She struggled, but ultimately became a pillar of the SF folk scene. Once known as Vera Gogh, she toured with just her voice and an acoustic across Europe several times. She eventually settled in Paris and became the singer of the French band Slove. She’s solo now, and currently goes by S.R. Krebs, her powerful voice has transferred well to her solo career by way of Slove. I think you’ll like, he/she/everyone, become enamored with this voice, and her subject matter.

Mike Long



Directed/Edited – Ben Stoddard & David Ehrenreich
Director of Photography - David Ehrenreich
Music – Brennan Lloyd
Sound Design - Nate Evans

Man Behind Mountain1

Salvation Mountain is known around the world as a burst of color in the desert outside Niland, California, on the Mexican border. A one-man monument built over three decades piece by piece; it is a gradual accruement of hope, love and joy in physical form.

Less is known about the man who built it, Leonard Knight, mostly because that’s the way he liked it. An unassuming man, he preferred to let his mountain speak for itself. It did just that, in bright, bold colors and optimistic messages.

After visiting the mountain multiple times, filmmakers Ben Stoddard and Dave Ehrenreich spent an intimate extended stay with Leonard at Salvation Mountain. Rather than add to the already vast lexicon on the mountain as an object, they chose to focus their attention on the man who built it. Through interviews with Leonard and his inner circle of friends that cared for him in his fading years, they hoped to learn about and showcase the enigmatic artist himself.

To learn more about the preservation of Salvation Mountain please visit –

Words by Grady Mitchell

Man Behind Mountain2



Snackbreak brings you Snackfooty PRODUCED BY Tommi Ollikainen

Riders: Andy Stewart, Jesse Deham Geer, Lucio Doglioni Majer, Oli Kimmich, Tommi Ollikainen & friends

Filmers: All the riders, Grant Woods, Korey Heatherington, Max Stephen, Siv Knudsen, Ian Hamilton, Garrett Read, Catriona Steen, Danny Arnold

SNOWBOARDING: GNARCORE vs GLEN EDEN // An edit fit for the internet.



GNARCORE and Heretic Empire Productions recently hooked up with some Ontario locals to film this frantic compilation of park boarding from Glen Eden Ski and Snowboard Center Terrain Park. An edit like this could only be fit for only one place: The Internet. (dun dun dun!)


Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 11.36.34 PM




When you’re snowboarding in Ontario and you tell people you are from ‘Out West’ the first thing they usually do is apologize for ‘not having mountains’. Which is fine and all if your only purpose on a snowboard is to bounce off sticky pow in insanely featured terrain – fair enough -the west rules for that. But for many of us, a spring day in the park is almost as good. I know, I know, call me crazy but when your in love with freestyle, nothing hones the skills like endless laps on a finely groomed terrain park. And one thing Ontario does (dare I say better then ‘Out West’) is produce amazing terrain parks. As far as Ontario terrain parks go Glen Eden is just the tip of the preverbal (not always so icy) iceberg. We look forward to further exploring Ontario snowboard regions in the future – until then, ya’ll keep it punk as fuck out there – and KEEP FILMING!



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CIVIC AFFAIR is a skateboard film produced by Canadian skateboarder ( & pro snowboarder) Jake Kuzyk. It features the skateboarding of  Ben Blundell, Mike Campbell, Tyler James Warren, Tyler Gaucher, Jed Anderson, Dustin Henry and is made purely for your enjoyment, independent of any sponsors. Aside from being a wiz on the board Jake is also an avid filmer and editor and you can check out a lot of work on his YouTube page HERE. Thx Jake – keep up the good work mane.

Titles by Dave Livingston.

Premiere dates and locations to be announced soon.







Simple and stunning, this 30 min doc is the work of Canadian filmmaker Joseph PS Klymkiw (HipHopEh!, Nardwuar!) Joe does an amazing job of documenting well known Vancouver street artist Ken Foster -this is a great look into Ken’s process, his madness and just how good he is! Bravo RPOV. ~gc







From the filmmaker:

Ken Foster is a Vancouver street artist. His grimy alleyscapes and cigarette-studded portraits are iconic in the community. Despite his inner demons he is one of the most prolific artists around. He got his start on the walls of Vancouver as a notorious and respected graffiti artist. Ken went on to study at Emily Carr and later worked on Film and TV sets, even painting for the Rolling Stones music video “Saint of me”. He currently lives in Gastown where his raw creations are quickly snapped up by East Van Twenty-Somethings and high profile collectors alike.



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About The Real People Of Vancouver:
I was sick of TV’s gross misrepresentation of who is “real” in Vancouver. Real to me is someone who does what they love and keeps doing it. When I walk through this city I see people who live this out daily. They may dress wacky and sound crazy, but they are working and living with passion. They’re not perfect, and they don’t try to be. They are unapologetically real. These are the people who inspire and intrigue me. These are the people of Vancouver, the ones whose stories deserve to be told.



Music By Ladyfrnd:

Source: Youtube


Track List – 1959 to 1968

The Theo-Coff Invasion – Lucky Day
Susan Barrett – Chico’s Girl
Sue Thompson – Paper Tiger
Dream Team – There He Is
Donna Dee – Nobody’s Gonna Hurt You
Miss Cathy Brasher – Sh . . Listen
Arthur Alexander – Soldier of Love
Bill Robinson and The Quails – Do I Love You
Dobby Dobson – Cry a Little Cry
Downbeats – Thinkin’ of You
Jean Stanback – If I Ever Needed Love
The Jesse James Singers – Income Tax Evasion
Joe Tex – Skinny Legs and All
Greg Perry – Love Control
Henry Lumpkin – I’m a Walkin’
Garrett Saunders – A Day or Two
Isaac Hayes – Laura, We’re On Our Last Go-Round
Jean Brooks – Tomorrow Never Came
Pat Powdrill – Do It
Susan Maughan – That Other Place
Susan King – You Got Me in a Fix
Big Dee Irwin – Follow My Heart
Lloyd Clarke – Now I Know the Reason
Yolanda Karr – It Takes Two Hearts
Kenny Carter – Don’t Go