Submissions: Jordan Groves – Inside Glen Eden

Last year we spent four months in Southern Ontario in the middle of the craziest snow filled winter we’ve seen in ten years! With the snow came time spent with new friends and edits from the hill, the park and even a rail jam at the Wellington Tavern parking lot in downtown Hamilton.

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ALUMNI: Vince Fortin


Inbounds Fs3 W/B – Screengrab by JF

Vince is a cool fucking guy. Not enough has been said about Vince in the past. Well, not that much has been said by Vince in the past either. A man a few words, true, and usually French words, but a great shredder and a solid dude! I caught up with Vince recently on his home turf in Squamish to get up to speed and shoot the shit. Here’s what he had to say.

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Wham bam thank you Van – Early season with Denham G & crew

Some things happen all by themselves as if an act of chance by the universe, some things take time and hard work and everything you’ve got to see it thru and yet other times it’s a combination of the two that allow for really epic shit to happen. Continue reading





We’ve mentioned our friend Tj Koskela before – he’s into boarding, and filming, and art & music and all that good stuff, so naturally we get along. Tj recently put up a blog with some photos he’s been taking from around his world and we thought it would be a great opportunity to further introduce you to this fellow creative. We got in touch with Tj to ask him about moving out west, his snowboarding origins and taking photos. – Enjoy

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LISTEN: PRAYERS Makes Cholo Goth Music

PRAYERS – Ready to Bleed

When a friend of mine sent me a link to listen to a band called Prayer’s from San Diego I didn’t really know what to think. I opened up the video link while reading his description – real Mexican gang banger, great lyrics. Two seconds into the video From Dog to God I’m confused by the tough mother fucker covered in Cholo tattoo’s rocking a nose chain putting on black lipstick with new wave synth sounds playing from the speakers. One minutes later I wanted more.

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Kubrick in Toronto


I recently spent some time in Ontario hanging with friends, exploring my hometown Hamilton and the city of Toronto which was also home for about five years of my life. During a weekend trip to Toronto I discovered that the Stanley Kubrick Exhibit, which has been travelling the world since 2007, was on display at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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City Hopping Sorcery

We hit the town with Andy Anderson and his homie Darian Vincent from Authentic Board Supply the other day. Cruising around on the Sky Train, Andy took us on a multi-city tour of a day in his street skating life . It was on this cool December day, with oases of dry spots scattered in between icy streets and snow patches that I got to know a bit more about Andy Anderson: he’s 18yrs old, started getting coached by Hippie Mike when he was 7, accidently took an advanced art course in high school, travels the country giving talks to schools about following your dreams and he’s punk as fuck! Ranked as one of the top freestyle skaters in the world as an amature, Andy’s an adult now and hitting them streets. We’re hyped on Andy and  hope to see a lot more of him on – check out this Vancouver video-tour with a little hidden gem at the end. Enjoy.