No curfew for young men – Deneham.G & Crew warming it up in Renfrew

Jesse Denham Greer has taken the spirit of the We Got This 2015 campaign on the road and is currently riding out the storm, or lack thereof in his home town of Renfrew Ontario. Yup, slow start to the snow year in them there parts but what can you do? Well you can visit family, connect with the homies and work on them presses!  . .  Jesse gets creative, the homies build a snowman, Jesse kills the snowman and then flips the script for a classy ender. Shout outs Jesse, big shout outs homie  x

Protest The Hero @ The Danforth, Toronto


We sent our friend Marie Elena to the Protest The Hero show at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto to see what’s up and take some rad photo’s. The Whitby Ontario band independently released their album Volition last year after three studio hits and have been killing it. Big thanks to the Danforth and Cat Hrmo for hooking it up!

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A Very Misfit Holiday

Oi To The World – No Doubt (The Vandals cover)

Two years ago we threw a misfits holiday in Whistler for our friends and pretty much any random person who was away from their families for the holidays.

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“DUH BOLTS Mixtape” – Whistler premiere

DB_it snowed

The D.O.P.E. Industries crew premiered their latest shred video, DUH BOLTS mixtape last night at Wild WIng Whistler to a packed house of cheering homies. 15 minutes of all killer and no filler, as anticipated the boys came out swinging on this one.

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Submissions: Jordan Groves – Inside Glen Eden

Last year we spent four months in Southern Ontario in the middle of the craziest snow filled winter we’ve seen in ten years! With the snow came time spent with new friends and edits from the hill, the park and even a rail jam at the Wellington Tavern parking lot in downtown Hamilton.

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ALUMNI: Vince Fortin


Inbounds Fs3 W/B – Screengrab by JF

Vince is a cool fucking guy. Not enough has been said about Vince in the past. Well, not that much has been said by Vince in the past either. A man a few words, true, and usually French words, but a great shredder and a solid dude! I caught up with Vince recently on his home turf in Squamish to get up to speed and shoot the shit. Here’s what he had to say.

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Wham bam thank you Van – Early season with Denham G & crew

Some things happen all by themselves as if an act of chance by the universe, some things take time and hard work and everything you’ve got to see it thru and yet other times it’s a combination of the two that allow for really epic shit to happen. Continue reading