SKATE HEADS: a skate art short by The Zanga Bros

Arguably awesome. Distinctly Vancouver.  Check out a piece of moving art by a troupe of filmmaking artists who call themselves The Zenga Bros. Four brothers who film, edit, direct and build all aspects of their own unique and creative moving pictures. Continue reading

D.I.F.O – Hamilton Skaters Give Back to Cuba

Skateboarders Are Dinosaurs

D.I.F.O (Do It For Others) is a not for profit skater operated community in Hamilton that focuses on raising funds for Cuba’s deteriorating skate park. Along with raising funds the crew collects skate decks, building materials, and clothing to give to the kids that are passionate about skateboarding but cannot afford or don’t have access to the gear. We had a short chat with Scott McDonald, founder of D.I.F.O to see what they have in store for the future and how skate culture has influenced the struggling country of Cuba.

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CLUB BANGERS 2 [full movie]


Get your head out of your ass, and into the club! Here’s something with a little juice from the West Coast. Shot over the course of October 2013 – January 2015 in locations varying from Vancouver, BC to Winnipeg, MB. Featuring full parts from Austin Thomas, Robert Jasiorkowski, Briggs Ogloff, Skylar Kehr, Kevin Friesen, Tyler Gaucher, Carl Wilton, and Kurt Oldach, plus many more. Courtesy of Winnipeg native and Supra TM ALex Doyle. Enjoy.




Wham bam thank you Van – Early season with Denham G & crew

Some things happen all by themselves as if an act of chance by the universe, some things take time and hard work and everything you’ve got to see it thru and yet other times it’s a combination of the two that allow for really epic shit to happen. Continue reading

City Hopping Sorcery

We hit the town with Andy Anderson and his homie Darian Vincent from Authentic Board Supply the other day. Cruising around on the Sky Train, Andy took us on a multi-city tour of a day in his street skating life . It was on this cool December day, with oases of dry spots scattered in between icy streets and snow patches that I got to know a bit more about Andy Anderson: he’s 18yrs old, started getting coached by Hippie Mike when he was 7, accidently took an advanced art course in high school, travels the country giving talks to schools about following your dreams and he’s punk as fuck! Ranked as one of the top freestyle skaters in the world as an amature, Andy’s an adult now and hitting them streets. We’re hyped on Andy and  hope to see a lot more of him on – check out this Vancouver video-tour with a little hidden gem at the end. Enjoy.