Wham bam thank you Van – Early season with Denham G & crew

Some things happen all by themselves as if an act of chance by the universe, some things take time and hard work and everything you’ve got to see it thru and yet other times it’s a combination of the two that allow for really epic shit to happen. Continue reading

City Hopping Sorcery

We hit the town with Andy Anderson and his homie Darian Vincent from Authentic Board Supply the other day. Cruising around on the Sky Train, Andy took us on a multi-city tour of a day in his street skating life . It was a cool December day, with oases of dry spots scattered in between icy streets and snow patches. Things you should know about Andy; he’s 18yrs old, started getting coached by Hippy Mike when he was 7, accidently took an advanced art course in high school , travels the country giving talks to schools about following your dreams and he’s punk as fuck! A real treat to roll with, Andy is the epitome of wholesome mischief – but don’t let his kind demeanor fool  you – this sk8 rat destroys all terrains! Ranked as one of the top freestyle skaters in the world as an amatue, he’s an adult now and hitting the streets, and there’s no telling what he may do next on his board. We’re hyped on Andy and we hope to see a lot more of him over at Gnarcore.com – check out our Vancouver video tour with a little hidden gem at the end. Enjoy.