INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING: Snowboarder Brian Anderson

Always on the hunt for new talent, Gnarcore sets it’s sights once again on London Ontario. A small-big city and big time college town where most people still look at you sideways if you carry a snowboard down the street. Fairly spread out and Southern Ontario through and through. Snowboarding is under recognised and represented for how many people live here – and how much snow they got this year.  But thus is the current state of urban boarding. Nonetheless she’s home to a small scene of hardcore boarders, a local hill and streets spots galore. The backbone of London’s snowboard epicenter, without a doubt is The Board Shop. Tucked away upstairs from The Source, they hold down a who’s who of local borders representing a wide age range of talent. London is more of a skate town when it comes to recognisable names and terrain, which is what The Board Shop is probably more famous for. Head up by none other than Canadian skater / film maker Dallas Ianni (What Up Doe, Double Standard), it’s no wonder he’s got the urban snow team on lock. Continue reading

Craiger charges NB

The yellow jacket is back. And this time he’s storm chasing his way to New Brunswick, where in case you did not hear got RECORD BREAKING amounts of snow this year. Check this out.  Beaulieu, Burns and photog T. Easterbrook went over and met up with The Nut to do some guy-falling-out-of-the-sky boarding and they succeeded! And of course Bowl-u, being on his self-publishing tip this year, got Burn’s to edit up a couple tricks to everyones favorite melodic punkers – Millencolin! Yeah Craiger. He got this.